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        About us

                                Shenzhen Jiang Hao electronics co., LTD. Was established in June 2003, registered: new city hai street light, the registered capital  of 6.13

                         millionyuan, total investment 450 million yuan, of which about 100 million of  investment in fixed assets, is a set research and development, 

                        production, sales in a body's specialized in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor national high and new technology enterprise.

                                Company's existing r&d and production area of 20000 square meters or so, 60 modern production lines, nearly 500 employees, including 

                        more than 40 professional research and development personnel and the municipal  development and reform commission (NDRC) 1 key laboratory, 

                        six other r&d LABS; With a large number of domestic and external electric container industry high, refined, sophisticated equipment, Now apply 

                        or 56 national  patents, patent certificate authorized for 45 items; Company passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 

                        environmental management system certification, and achieved the shenzhen China certification certificate issued by the international certification.

                                Company in 2014 to achieve sales of 2014 yuan, profit of 97 million yuan, pay various taxes of about 46.87 million yuan, a significant drop in 

                       international and domestic manufacturing economy in 2015, our company also  sales 372 million, profits of 66.71 million yuan, the total tax 41.53 million yuan.

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